You are what you listen to...

Jump on the podcast train with these 5 easy to listen to recommendations, perfect for a commute to or from work.


  1. She’s on the Money – Listen to Victoria Devine - Millennial Money Expert - share her foolproof tips and advice on how to secure financial freedom. 
  1. TED Talks Daily – The world’s leading thinkers and doers talk about everything from AI to psychology and whatever you can imagine in between.
  1. How I Work – This podcast lets you delve deeply into the working day of some of the world’s most successful innovators. Learn how they construct their day and get insight into their rituals for high performance.
  1. Talking Clean with Irene – Learn how to live a more healthy and sustainable life through bite sized podcasts. From skin care to gut health and the low down on light blocking glasses.
  1. Freakonomics Radio – Discuss socioeconomic issues with the co-author of the Freakonomics books, Stephen J. Dubner.



Team TBM xx

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