Why taking breaks could be the difference between productive and underproductive

Most of us spend the day at our desks at work, sitting down, and as you can imagine this is not great for our bodies. Besides the human body is just not built to be sitting for 8 hours+ every single day. Not only that we are constantly multitasking, working long hours and pushing ourselves to the limit mentally, physically and emotionally. People are constantly telling us that you should take on new opportunities (is that extra bit of admin really a “new opportunity?”), but it is very rare that someone asks whether you have taken on too much work.


Taking breaks has never been more important than it is today. Step away from your desk even if it’s not lunch time just to get some fresh air and take a few deep breaths, roll your shoulders backwards and forwards and move your body. It’s time to work smarter not harder.


The benefits of taking breaks include but aren’t limited to;

  • Lower stress levels
  • Increased creativity and productivity when you get back to work
  • More clarity and stronger ability to problem solve
  • It’s good for your physical health
  • Your risk of an work related incident will decrease


Take those breaks!

Team TBM xx

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