What’s actually happening to our planet

There’s no simple way to put this. WE are ruining our own planet. And by ruining I mean causing Global Warming. Us humans like to play the blame game so that we don’t ever have to reflect on ourselves and change our actions. But the simple thing is if each and every individual on this planet doesn’t change their behaviour… right NOW…we will initiate the end of it. There’s no nice way to say that.


Right now we are an entitled bunch of people. We want that new outfit? We buy it, no matter what the cost for the environment is. We want meat on the table every day? Who cares how much CO2 emissions are produced in order to make that happen. But now we are going to feel the effects of our own environmental foot print, and the zero f*cks that have been given to this point.


Here is a break down of some of the things that will happen to our planet as temperatures increase:


1.5C ^

  • The land that 10 million people currently live on will be under water
  • 99% of Coral Reefs will be dead


2C ^

  • Global GDP per capita will decrease by at least 13%
  • 400 million people will suffer from water scarcity
  • Heat waves will kill thousands of people EVERY summer
  • The melting ice caps will reach an all-time high, and flood majority of the world’s major cities


3C ^

  • Southern Europe will be in permanent drought
  • Droughts will last much longer
  • Wildfires would increase dramatically, and the amount of area burnt will sore
  • Sea levels will continue to rise, covering land from Miami beach to Jakarta


If that doesn’t scare you – those rises in temperature are conservative. It is more likely to hit a four degree increase if we continue the way we are now. Lets do what we can to make this planet liveable for generations to come!


Team TBM xx

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