The Indoor Greenery Guide (benefits & tips) 🌱

If you’re anything like us at The Better Me, you love plants, and/or have an abundance of indoor plants because they make any room look a million bucks.


But were you aware of the many benefits of having house plants?

  1. As I’m sure you know, plants do the opposite to us by breathing in carbon dioxide and converting it to oxygen. Having them in your home means heaps of fresh air to breathe in. 
  2. Plants smell good 👃 making them perfect to have inside to reduce household odours like the rubbish, shoes, or chemicals. The more you have the stronger the smell.
  3. Having plants inside has shown to have multiple positive effects on people’s mental health, including reducing stress levels, increasing a sense of calm and reducing fatigue. Why wouldn’t you run down to the market to grab a few new green friends? 


Which plants are good for indoors you ask? 

  • The mother in laws tongue is perfect for indoors as it has a strong structure and requires minimal maintenance. This plant is also a rare beauty, as although most plants conduct their CO2 to oxygen conversion during the day, this plant also works hard at night! 
  • Succulents (obviously). Not only are they gorgeous to look at but they’re so versatile. Pop them in a glass, pot them, or build your own terrariums.
  • Chinese evergreen: this baby has stunning leaves that will shine in spots that have low light
  • Spider plant: it looks beautifully old fashioned to add that vintage touch to any room
  • Peperomias: add a touch of colour to any room with this precious plant. 


We do suggest you do some research on the growing conditions of each plant before you bring them home 😜

Happy growing! 

Team TBM x

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