The country is on fire - now what?

It’s 2020 and Australia has endured unprecedented bush fires - over 500 million wildlife killed with potential to become extinct, millions of hectares of land burnt with some of our most sought after tourist destinations turned to ash, innocent Australians killed, and thousands of homes burned down. If that doesn’t pull at your heart strings then I don’t know what will.

If you’re like us at TBM then you’re wondering what you can do to care more for the environment and play your part in respecting the earth and prevent wild weather events like this in the future. So here are the top 5 things we will be doing at HQ starting from, well, now...

  1. Plant some trees in your backyard
  2. Adopt a Koala (or 5) for a monthly amount that suits you!
  3. Using plastic packaging for our beloved snacks (like these reusable zip lock bags from Amazon)
  4. Change the lights in your home to energy saving globes – it’s small price to pay for big environmental rewards
  5. Take slightly cooler showers – it takes a lot of energy to heat water and turning the temperature down a little can make a huge difference, even to your energy bill.


Remember - it’s not anyone else’s job to care for the environment but ours, collectively. So let’s start now!



Team TBM xx

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