The 1-5 Guide to setting Goals (5 on Friday)

As we come to the end of another week and the start of a new month, it’s time for reflection and with that comes change. You might be reflecting on relationships, your job, friends, your eating habits, or whether or not you reached your goals for the first half of the year.

Maybe you had an image in your head of where you wanted to be by this stage of 2018 and you just haven’t quite gotten there. Maybe you’re not as productive as you hoped to be. Or maybe you just want to push yourself that little bit further beyond average.

Setting goals is crucial as it gives you vision for the long term and motivation in the short term. It gives us something to look forward to while giving us a sense of satisfaction when we tick off those small steps towards achievement every day.  

But…How are we supposed to set goals? What do we need to include in a goal to help make it reality?


Here are 5 tips for goal setting to help you enter the second half of the year with clear vision and motivation, and set SMART goals. 

  1. Set SPECIFIC goals
    What is it exactly that you want to achieve? The more specific you are with your goals the easier it will be for you to achieve them. For example, if your goal is to spend more time with your kids… How much more time? What do you want to spend more time doing? When will you allocate this time? By being specific, you allow your goal to direct you. 
  1. Set MEASURABLE goals
    Make sure your goals are precise and well defined, so you can develop ways to measure them. Measurability means you have defined exactly what you might feel, experience, do, see or have once you have achieved your goal. You could measure how much time you’ve spent with your kids per month by marking what you did, where and for how long in a calendar, or printing out a photo of each experience and making an album at the end of the year.
  1. Set ATTAINABLE goals
    Ensure that it is physically possible to achieve your goals, otherwise you might be disheartened and unmotivated when you realise you haven’t achieved them. Find the balance between what you want and what you can achieve, while not slacking off and setting goals that are super easy (You've got this!).
  1. Set RELEVANT goals
    Think about the direction you want your life to be headed. Your goals need to pave the pathway to the end destination, so make sure they’re relevant to your life and the vision you have for yourself. Relevant goals keep you focused and will make sure you’re not wasting time on irrelevant stuff.
  1. Set TIMELY goals
    Make sure you determine the timeframe for your goals. Don’t be unrealistic here. If you want to grow a veggie garden, you’re gonna need more than a week. However, you need to create a sense of urgency so that you’re not too relaxed, but still have your vision in sight. At the end of this timeframe once your goals are achieved you will know you can celebrate your success.


Things that can help you with goal setting

  • To-Do lists
  • Prioritising what is most important and what needs to be achieved first
  • Putting your goals in writing and looking at them regularly
  • Sticking with your goals
  • Voicing your goals so that people can check in with you to help motivate you and push you along when you might be lacking confidence

Share your goals in the comments section so we can create a community of goal setters!

Team TBM x

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