Stay in Balance by Understanding your Dosha

In ancient Ayurvedic medicine, the five elements that are said to be found in all living things are Ether, Earth, Fire, Air and Water. These are seen as the building blocks of life and what gives rise to our differences, depending on the level of manifestation of each in each individual. The proportion of each dosha will contribute to our uniqueness.

The Chopra Centre outlines the 3 Doshas as:

  • The fiery and intense Pittatype may enjoy the occasional power trip. She will devour a mountain of food with ravenous hunger and yet be ready to eat again when it comes to the next meal.
  • In contrast, a delicate Vatacan never seem to get warm. She will nibble, snack, and graze her way through the day, and she may feel the need to rest often. She’s also inclined to talk about a number of diverse subjects, probably repeating herself more than once.
  • The contented Kaphatype may, with great deliberation, consume three pieces of cake. She will spend quality time curled up on a couch making phone calls to loved ones with uplifting, motherly advice

The dosha will respond to conditions such as weather and stress levels, and the habits that we develop are in response to the dosha that we manifest. You may overindulge in ice cream or lose sleep over work that needs to be done, and these habits will results in a shift in your make-up that lead to imbalances in your dosha, and eventually disease.

Understanding your dosha is key to understanding yourself, what your body needs more of and what it needs less of. Take this quiz and see what proportions of each dosha make you and live in balance with yourself.


Team TBM xx

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