Shared house tips: How to create your own space

Living in a share house or with your partner can sometimes mean you struggle to make any space your own. Living closer to the city often means a smaller commute to work, but an even smaller place to live. Although it means you become more mindful about what you keep in your home, sometimes it means you need to be smarter about where you place things and what you choose to display to make your space feel like home, and let your personality shine.


Here are TBMs tips on making any space your own:


  1. Display your most important personal items

This might be one of your favourite pictures or artworks, that jewellery box that holds sentimental value, or a lamp that you’ve carried around with you for a while. These are things you can anchor back to and will remind you that this is your home when it feels like someone else’s belonging are overcrowding yours.


  1. Get some shelf inserts or funky storage units

This will come in handy when sharing spaces like a kitchen or a loungeroom. If you have limited shelf space in your kitchen, make sure you’re making the right decisions when it comes to how much you buy at the supermarket, and how you store or display your items. Buy some creative looking storage shelves to place your books and candles on if you’re running out of surface area in your lounge room. These can be used by more than one person and will more than triple your capacity to display things.


  1. Make your home smell the way you like

Although it can be difficult to agree on certain smells with the people you’re sharing a house with, you can always make spaces like your room smell inviting and homely. Make some essential oil mist sprays, or grab some candles/incense to make particular spaces feel like your own.


  1. You time

Make sure you spend time without the other person so that you always feel like the time you spend surrounded by them and their belongings is not intruding on your space/energy. Don’t go to every single social event with your room mate, and don’t spend every breathing moment with your partner as this may cause you to feel resentful at times when you don’t have the option to be separated.


  1. Communication

Make sure the other person is aware of the things that may annoy you, and vise versa. After all, if you can’t talk to this person, why are you living with them?


Happy Living!

Team TBM xx

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