Minimalism is a concept, a way of life that involves living with little material possessions and not buying into the material consumerism of today’s culture. According to The Minimalists, this is a tool that can be used to find freedom from worry, fear, overwhelm, guilt and depression. It is a way that we can stop attaching meaning to every single thing we own and strip it back to what actually contributes joy to our lives. It is a conscious decision to live more deliberately and be mindful about the things you own and attach value to because at the end of the day we can only care about so many things before it becomes too much.

Minimalism will mean something different to everyone. For some it will mean you only have 10 pieces of clothing, for others it might mean owning a house but not overfilling it with furniture, for others it means stripping their workout routine riiiiight back, while for others it may mean not owning a house and travelling the world with their few possessions. The concept of minimalism is more of a mind set that can be applied to all areas of life from your wardrobe, to the contents of your home, the SIZE of your home, the foods you eat. Put simply it is choosing what add the most value in your life, giving a f*?! about those things and not worrying about the rest.

So why be minimalist? Well because getting rid of all the crap means you have more space, time, and energy to focus on what is actually important. Let’s face it, the more money we earn the more money we spend on stuff we don’t need and the less fulfilled we feel, leaving us feeling like we don’t earn enough to fulfil our needs and wants. This cycle continues in a downward slope until we wake up and realise that we need to simplify our lives. Minimalism helps us live in the moment, value the things that really mean something to us, and experience real freedom. Freedom from the pressure to fit a mould, to have particular things.


But HOW do we become minimalist?

  • Start thinking about the areas of your life that feel cluttered at the moment
  • What can you do to simplify them?

E.g. It might be that you have thousands of dollars worth of clothes sitting in your wardrobe but every morning you get up and think “What on earth will I wear today? I literally have nothing to wear”. Then you might simplify it by throwing anything out that you haven’t worn in the past month so that the next morning, you can see exactly what you own and what you actually LIKE to wear. Or it can be as simple as “All my clothes contribute so much value and joy to my life, so from now on to avoid clutter, whenever I buy something new I will donate something old.

The cool thing is, you get to choose which aspects of your life need this approach, and if it’s ALL aspects then great. But if it’s one or two that’s also great.


Cheers to a happier, less cluttered, more meaningful life!



Team TBM xx

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