Masculine vs Feminine Energies

More often than not we think in stereotypes of the Masculine and Feminine, Men are something and Women are another. However, the healthiest relationships we could have with ourselves are when we allow ourselves to oscillate on a spectrum of masculine and feminine energies, ideally finding a space in the middle. The polarities of what we deem Masculine vs what we deem Feminine are in actual fact, removed from gender altogether.

Just like Sun and Moon, Light and Dark, Masculine and Feminine energies are opposite sides of the same coin and can be embodied regardless of the gender you associate yourself with.


So what are the qualities of each?



Masculine energy is Confident, Assertive, Direct and Purposeful, Competitive, and Logical. While Feminine energy is Intuitive, Reflective, Nurturing, Empathetic Supportive, and Creative. When thinking about these qualities they are all desirable and none better than another, while all very useful in various contexts.

The workplace can often be a difficult place to balance these energies. We think of the board room where masculine energy dominates, decisions are being made and the room's attention is being kept. However new research shows that what makes a good leader is Empathy and Vulnerability.

Relationships are also a testing realm. We want a partner who is patient with us, supportive and trustworthy. While confidence, logic, and assertiveness are all desirable qualities.


So how do we come into balance?

A toolbox we can draw from depending on the context is key. We all have the ability to exercise these qualities whether we are comfortable doing so or not. It’s important to experience situations that enable you to practice embodying masculine and feminine energies, observe how it feels, and take mental notes on how you could apply it elsewhere.


To heal your feminine energy try the following:

  • Ask yourself throughout the day, am I doing or am I being? Masculine energy is associated with doing, productivity, outputs, while the feminine is associated with being.
  • Avoid rushing
  • Limit caffeine and hydrate your body
  • Spend as much time in nature as possible
  • Meditate
  • Cry if you need to
  • Allow time to be creative
  • Explore Essential Oils


To heal your masculine energy try the following:

  • Nurture your curious side
  • Plan something adventurous
  • Try new hobbies
  • Lean into your strengths
  • Explore Essential Oils


Set aside time for these daily practices to restore your balance of Yin/Yang, and be the best version of yourself.



Team TBM xx

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