Make Veggies Great Again

Let’s just say you’re SUPER lucky if your child willingly eats an abundance of vegetables. For those of you out there who’s kids are the complete opposite – we understand how hard and stressful it can be to get any reaction other than an upward turned nose to any vegetable. Knowing all the nutrients they’re missing out on can sometimes be worrying, but we have 3 ways you can attempt to use vegetables that we believe will make even the fussiest eaters scoff them down.


First - Experiment with sweetness.

It’s hard to come by a kid who turns down a dessert right? So try incorporating some sweetness by honey or maple roasting your carrots and pumpkin, or choosing naturally sweeter veggies like corn, sweet potato and beetroot.


Second - Play with all kinds of flavours

Let’s be real, you probably wouldn’t want to eat a bowl of boiled broccoli either. Make veggies taste good! Mix them through a pasta, pour over some sauce and sprinkle some yummy parmesan on top, grill them with some bacon and herbs, or get creative with a stir fry where you can disguise veggies with some soy sauce. If you find a method then think of how you can apply that method to other vegetables to broaden their horizons.


Third - Utilise different cooking methods

Fry, bake, grill, steam…there are so many ways to eat veggies. Maybe your child will LOVE steamed sweet potato but hates steamed broccoli. Maybe they like them fried with a bit of olive oil, maybe they like pickled veggies, maybe they only eat veggies if they’re roasted separately. Whatever it is, it will take a while to figure out. But stick with it and you will find the sweet spot. 


Happy cooking! 

Team TBM xx

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