How you can make the biggest difference with the smallest actions

We all watch the news every night and wonder when the world got so cruel, but why sit back and do nothing about it? You don’t have to change the world. You only need to change yourself and others will soon follow suit. There are a few easy places to start when you’re looking for ways to be a genuinely better person. The smallest changes make the most tangible differences


  1. Eat less meat!

You probably hear this one all the time, but not only is it great for your body to have a break from meat and all it contains, its great for the planet. Something that goes hand in hand with this is eating locally. When you do eat meat source it locally.


  1. Buy some reusable water bottles and shopping bags

You’ll end up saving some cash in the long run and helping to save the planet


  1. Do some op shopping

The next time you need an outfit, hit the thrift shop. You never know what you can find. Most of the time the clothes are almost brand new – just give them a wash!


  1. Rethink your commute

Can you catch public transport to work? Don’t use the “it takes too long” excuse. Sitting in traffic always takes soooo much longer. Start getting public transport a few days a week and it might just become your new favourite thing. You can even gain more time to do things like reading, or reading TBM blogs ;)


  1. Support organisations that give back to the community

These products might be a dollar or two more expensive, but those extra dollars are going to something of immeasurable value. That spare change will probably just end up in the bottom of your bag anyways.


Team TBM xx

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