How to: Travel like a minimalist

Everyone would love to just jump on a plane and go exploring, but often we have to drag luggage around… LOTS of luggage. Like, all those jumpers you bring “just in case” it’s cold, and the 50 pairs of underwear just in case you have a shower 10 times a day. So here are a few guidelines to follow for when you next plan to go on a holiday, so that you don’t end up overpacking and breaking your back carrying your suitcase around.


  1. Outfit plan

It’s simple. Look at the weather and literally plan every outfit in your head before you leave. Yes, you can wear those jeans 3 days in a row and nobody will care. If you want to bring warm clothes, invest in some lightweight style clothing that can be folded really small and stuffed in your bag when you don’t want to wear it.


  1. Rely on accessories

You can wear the exact same outfit with different shoes and accessories and turn it into a whole new look. Jeans, tshirt, sneakers and a cap one day. Midi dress, some statement jewellery, sneakers and a straw hat the next. The accessories will take up less space and weight in your bag, and will save you so much time when you’re deciding what to wear.


  1. Bring your most versatile pieces of clothing

Don’t go bringing that hot pink dress that goes with none of your shoes just cos it looks good. Instead, go for neutral colours and basics like cute t-shirts and neutral coloured shorts.


Get Packing! :)


Team TBM xx

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