How to: Feng Shui in the bedroom

What on earth is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice of governing spatial arrangement and orientation, in order to channel natural energy (chi) smoothly and gently through your home or business environment.

By considering what you bring into your home, how you arrange it and how you maintain it you can manifest the right energy. Everything around us carries energy, even inanimate objects and Feng Shui helps guide that energy.

Think of Yin and Yang, and the 5 elements of water, wood, fire, earth and metal. It’s all about balancing the energies.


How to promote positive Feng Shui

We spend upwards of 7 hours in our bedrooms every night/day so this is the perfect place to start making sure there’s positive Feng Shui.

Place your bed appropriately
Place your bed in what’s known as the “command position”. This position allows you to see the door while you are lying down. According to Feng Shui, placing your bed against the same wall as your door is likely to cause you to feel threatened. 

Have a good supportive wall and headboard behind you
Having a headboard provides a feeling of support so always opt for beds with a headboard. Fabric headboards are best as they provide a soft and inviting feeling, and try to avoid sharp corners. 

Soothing colour scheme
Think off whites, creames, peaches, and chocolate browns or other skin tones. These colours will promote peaceful vibes and promote rest.

Pairing everything
In Feng Shui, pairs are thought to promote loving, harmonious energy. So whether or not you’re in a relationship, the next time you go to buy some new décor for your bedside table, buy two of everything and deck out the other bedside table too.

Good lighting
Light candles as they clear energy, and also create a very warm and healing atmosphere. Just be sure not to buy candles with toxins in them.


How to avoid negative Feng Shui

Mirrors invite a third person into the marriage according to Feng Shui, and can manifest infidelity as the number of people reflected in the mirror doubles the perception of people in the room. However, mirrors can still be used to create positive flow of Chi, for example by placing them in a space that reflects a beautiful view into your home.

In our busy lives it’s hard to differentiate between work and rest. We need the bedroom to be a place of rest so we can feel rejuvenated, and this is why it is so important to eliminate technology. No technology also means that it can’t interfere with our energy flow.

Clutter (under the bed)
Clutter creates an environment of stress and business. The cleaner and clearer your bedroom the better you will sleep and the better you will rest.

Large looming furniture
Large pieces of furniture that loom over you while you sleep can create feelings of oppression, so it’s best to avoid this. 


Let us know what changes you’re going to make to get that good energy flowing!


Team TBM x

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