How to Create a Higher Vibing Home

Do you ever feel like your home has started to feel a little dull and lifeless? Our home is a major contributor to our overall happiness levels. After all it is where we eat, sleep, play and spend a lot of our lives. Just like everything else a home also carries energy, which needs to be circulated and nurtured. We practice activities like meditation, yoga, exercise and healthy eating because these things rejuvenate us, get energy and breath moving through our bodies and encourage incredible things to happen in our bodies, so why not pay that same level of attention to ensuring our homes are emitting feel good vibes?

 Here are our favourite ways to get the good vibes flowing throughout your home:


  1. Shaking things up

Blankets, pillows, bedding and throws are always a nice touch, but make sure you shake them up every now and then to prevent stuck energy.


  1. Crystal Cleansing

There is no use even having crystals if you never cleanse them. Crystals (whether they’re worn or displayed) conduct energy. They will lose their sparkle and cease to provide any benefit if they’re fully charged with the energies of their environment.


  1. Change

Rather than just living in your home and not taking the time to notice the things around you, be more mindful about what changes can be made to refresh parts of the home. You might decide to move the books and china around to a different configuration.


  1. Plant Love

Show your plants some LOVE. Water them and buy them friends!


  1. Hygiene

Give your house a really good deep clean every now and then between the touch up cleans to ensure that hidden dirt and grime are removed and you’re breathing in fresh air. I always love to steam my floors with lavender infused water (or whatever essential oil tickles your fancy).


After all, happy home, happy life right?





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