How to Choose a Healing Crystal

Crystals have fascinated me since I was a teenager, and for good reason. They’re not only visually beautiful but they make you feel warm and fuzzy on the inside, like the universe has got your back and you don’t have to worry about anything. You can find them all over these days in dedicated crystal shops, décor stores, yoga studios, cafes and offices. The energies that crystals hold have such great healing powers as well but it can often become overwhelming when you in front of so many! So if you want to be part of the crystal club but don’t know where to start with choosing one then listen up…


  1. When you enter a crystal store, does any crystal jump out at you? Look for the crystals that you are drawn too. This might simply mean you think one is just so much more beautiful than the others, or no matter how many you look at you’re still drawn to that same one. Crystals have a way of drawing us in to the ones we need most, so just tune in.


  1. Do you have any physical reactions to of them? Run your non-dominant hand over a bunch of crystals and feel where the energy comes from. If you feel one more than the other then that’s the one for you.


  1. Try choosing crystals according to their different properties. This means you need to think about what you want the crystal for. For example, if you need to heal your heart, you may choose to purchase Rose Quartz, or if you want to open up your throat chakra and the channels of communication you might choose to go for Turquoise.


Once you have your crystals and want to use them, find a relaxing place to sit or stand. Close your eyes and take a few deep breathes, while playing with your crystals in your hands. Keep breathing deeply and extracting the energies and healing properties of the crystal. You may even choose to carry it on you throughout your day!


Team TBM xx

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