Hobbies That Won't Break the Bank

Having a hobby is an important part of life. It helps you wind down from your 9-5 job, it’s you time, it keeps you sane, but often times we don’t participate often enough due to the cost. A simple yoga or meditation class can set you back $20 per class! But finding a hobby that doesn’t cost much IS possible. Check out our suggestions below and find something that tickles your fancy. Hint: Yoga isn’t one of them.

  1. Reading – this doesn’t have to be boring. Try making it more social through a book club or an online forum
  2. Painting – There are no rules, let your mind wonder.
  3. Learn a language – where are you travelling to next? Try to learn the basics of that language.
  4. Start a blog – whatever your interest may be, writing about something you like can relax your mind and make you feel good about yourself.
  5. Board games & puzzles – get your mind working in a fun way.
  6. Origami – whoever thought that folding pieces of paper into cool shapes was a good time, they were right.
  7. Baking – who knows you might even be able to sell your goods at a market.
  8. Op shopping - treat yo’self without blowing the budget.


Whether you enjoy social hobbies, or hobbies alone, stop making excuses and start doing you. We promise you’ll feel better for it.




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