Drink Bottles that will make you want to drink water.

Finding it hard to stay hydrated? As humans we are made up of around 70% water and while we’re not here to lecture you on why you should be drinking water it’s true that your body will only survive about 3 days without the beautiful, natural, healthy, accessible liquid. Not only does it help to absorb nutrients in your body, but it increases energy levels, flushes out toxins, improves the look of your skin, helps maintain the balance of body fluids, keeps you regular and SO many more things.

Having a cool drink bottle can encourage you to drink more so check out our favourites.


  1. T2 Flask

This flask enables you to infuse your water with tea! Cold or hot you can have both in this flask.


  1. Bobble Bottle

These bottles have in build carbon filters.


  1. Kikki K Glass water bottles

Remove the plastic all together with these beautiful looking bottles.


Get hydrated!



Team TBM xx

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