Brain Fog – how essential oils can help

Ever feel like your brain just isn’t working like it should be? Brain fog is a term that has been widely used lately, and can be described as symptoms such as forgetfulness, lack of mental clarity, confusion, inability to focus or concentrate, and/or an overall cloud of fog obstructing your thoughts and ability to construct thoughts.

Although common it is not normal to have brain fog. We should all be able to age into wise old ladies and men without buying into aging myths that tell us otherwise, and to do this we need our brains to be healthy and able to overcome circumstances that may cause brain fog.

But what can you do to help you overcome this foggy state of mind? Well we highly recommend going to see your GP where you can talk about why you’re experiencing particular symptoms, and diet and lifestyle choices that can help you feel better. However we also love essential oils and know that there are some that may be able to assist you in your journey to leaving brain fog behind. 

Certain smells can provoke shifts in attention and the way we think, so why not check out these essential oils:


  1. Rosemary – this brain boosting oil may assist with mental exhaustion clearing the mind and improving speed and accuracy when undertaking cognitive tasks.
  2. Sage – this oil can promote insight and improve memory.
  3. Lavender – inhaling the smell of lavender essential oil could increase alertness and sharpen your mental function, improving your mental performance.
  4. Peppermint – this oil provides a cooling effect and can also assist with headaches which can come with brain fog.

All of these essential oils can work wonders through simply smelling them, however if safe to use on the body, can also be padded onto the wrists as a perfume that you can smell throughout the day for a quick pick me up.



Team TBM xx



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