As the Season Ticks Over

The change of a season can signify more than just a transition from sunshine to rain. Take this opportunity as a cue for some reflection. As we go into summer people see this as a time to grow so they focus on all the things/ways they want to grow and how, but as we come into Autumn (the season of letting go) let’s think about all the things that are no longer serving us. The things that we need to change or get rid of or stop doing. Grab yourself a pen and paper and have some deep thought about the following questions/prompts. Rules; there are no limits, you can go beyond these questions if you need too, trust your instincts, start from question one.

  1. What have you achieved in the last season?
    Think about this from all different perspectives (emotional, spiritual, physical, psychological)
  2. What fills you with gratitude?
    (are you doing these things? If not, how can you start? Start small)
  3. What are you manifesting/growing in your life right now?
    (this can be actual things your growing like plants, or something else that you’re manifesting like better friends)
  4. Do you need more balance?
    (Is work taking a toll? Are you struggling to prepare healthy meals after a long day? How can you achieve a good balance with the things that are currently out of balance?)
  5. What are you ready to release?
    When you take a look at what you’ve achieved, what fills you with gratitude, what you are manifesting, and the level of balance in your life, it will start to be clear to you what needs to be released. E.g. you might find that having a coffee in the morning fills you with gratitude, but its also causing a heavy addiction to caffeine. How can you find balance? Replace some coffee with tea!

Team TBM xx

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